The SID Rotator takes over pick- and placeas well as palletizing tasks. The goods are collected precisely by individual grippers, are placed and handed over exactly in the intended position. The drive device of the Rotator is designed as a tower. This is installed on the hall ground.

Advantages of the Rotator:

Since the Rotator can also operate in the shade of available goods, pallets can be loaded from front to back. This allows great freedom for the commissioning of various goods.
The Rotator covers a large workspace with its swivel arm. The space requirement is low compared with portal solutions as the Rotator requires only one driving device.



The SID Rotator can be integrated ideally in distribution areas for commissioning. On this occasion one or several rotators could be combined with conveyer sections. This makes it possible to realize the different demands and to increase the cycle times.

Together with our conveyor system you receive the entire installation from one source. Alternatively, the Rotator can be integrated into exiting conveyor lines as well. The handling is completely automated using recognition system such as bar code or RFID technology.

The SID Rotator can be configured and dimensioned according to your demands. Corresponding to your needs, the specification of the work space occurs with regards to the necessary motion sequences. In this occasion, the necessary take-over- and transfer heights as well as the radius of movement are fixed. The swivel arm operates in a rotation range of up to 360°.

In addition, the use of the most different goods is possible by implementing demandoriented gripper. By customised interpretation of the rotating arm not only different product geometries, but also high weight forces can be handled.