SID Schier Engineering can look back on decades-long experience in the Truck Systems field. We supply you with systems for the efficient transshipment of goods. We supply a range of products for the complete supply chain. We accept your products, convey, stack, buffer and load them automatically onto the truck.

Conveyor belt systems (CBS)

The stationary CBS is particularly suited to the buffering and loading of non- standardised load carriers as well as goods with no load carrier.

The CBS offers you:

  • a modular structure
  • available on 1 or 2 floors
  • loading capacity up to 25.000 kg
  • compatible with our mobile CBS
  • automatic loading and unloading
  • small-sized construction, using the entire surface of the trailer

The Lance Loader

The new Lance Loader, based on the Schier Lance Loader System which was developed in the 90’s, is the ideal truck loading technology for high rack warehouses and block storages. No further conveyors are required, so the system can be used for standard trucks using the entire space of the trailer. With its high loading speed, the Lance Loader is the perfect logistic solution for pallets and/or roller containers. The Lance Loader can be implemented in already existing plants.


Lance Loader with gravity roller conveyors

  • fast, reliable and economical commissioning
  • perfectly applicative for high rack warehouses and block storages
  • direct loading of the system
  • implemented roller conveyor which allows the loading sequence to take place in one single step


Lance Loader with commissioning zone

  • for pallets and roller containers on one even commissioning zone
  • the goods are accepted, positioned and transported into the truck


The new mechanical lifting mechanism allows a larger variety of transported goods.

No docking devices required!

  • the rotatable ramp closes the gap between Truck and the Lance Loader
  • modular construction including flexible couplers compensate horizontal and vertical differences